These are some of the projects that I have created or contributed to. For a full list, view my GitHub profile

Route53 Dynamic DNS Client

A client for dynamically updating a Route 53 Resource Record. Includes a systemd timer and service definition to simplify deployment and setup.

JMU Parking Data Download

Downloads the latest parking information from JMU and stores it in an S3 bucket using a Lambda function.

Update Checker

Creates an AWS Lambda function to check for updates for various software and sends a notification if a new version is discovered, including the version number, URL, and SHA1 hash.


An implementation of an xorlist (doubly linked list with xor’ed pointers to adjacent elements) in C.


A tool built for JMU’s Cyber Defense Club that performs random unwanted actions when chosen utilties on a target system are executed. It pretends to look like busybox.


A project I work on with JMU Unix Users Group to configure student virtual machines for the coursework using Ansible.