Below is a selection of projects from my GitHub profile. Pull requests are always welcome on any project. Additionally, I am a contributor to several projects that are hosted by the JMU Unix Users Group.

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Useful Scripts

A collection of scripts for simplifying some actions. Includes a script for configuring the JMU LabPrint printers, a script for calculating the hash of files using different functions, a dynamic MOTD for a server (or potentially client), and more.

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Dotfiles (with Ansible)

I switch Linux distros fairly often and bork my home directory even more frequently. Keeping my dotfiles in source control assists in making sure that I can dig myself out some holes a little more quickly. Contains my i3 configuration as well. I have recently started using Ansible to deploy my dotfiles.

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Since my website is pretty much all images, CSS, and HTML, a git repo makes maintaining and deploying my site much easier. Everything is pushed to this repo and then cloned on whatever I want to use for development or a web server.

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